Joining and Membership

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Your first trial month

A young person may come to a meeting to try scouting out free of charge for the first month. They should be dropped off by a parent or guardian who will update OSM with any relevant health information and emergency contact details before they leave. 

If the young person wishes to continue, they should bring with them the completed gift aid declaration form, along with your £25 investiture fee for uniform and proof of your completed GoCardless set-up to cover the annual membership on monthly basis

Annual membership

The current annual Squirrel, Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer's subscription is £132 per year for the first child. For your convenience the yearly fee is divided into twelve monthly payments of £11 payable via our OSM and GoCardless online system at the beginning of each month. 

Details of how to pay can be found in the OSM Parents Portal used to register your child. Failure to pay subs will result in the young person being removed from the group. 

If you are experiencing difficulties in paying subs, for whatever reason, please speak to a leader.

Brothers & Sisters

If a family has more than one child in the group, the subscription is reduced to £ 96 per year for the second child (£8 a month). There is no further charge for third, fourth or more siblings. 

Gift Aid

We can claim an extra 25p from the government for every pound of subs you pay as "Gift Aid". If you are a standard or higher rate tax payer please check our Gift Aid section.

Behaviour, Privacy and other Key Scouts Policies 

Our Behaviour Policy, foster a culture of respect, responsibility, and cooperation among our members; we expect all youth members, adult volunteers, and parents/guardians to familiarise themselves with its principles and guidelines and actively follow them. Failure to adhere to the policy may result in appropriate disciplinary actions to maintain the safety and integrity of our Scouts group. 

Our Privacy Policy, outlining our commitment to safeguarding the personal information of our Scouts and their families while maintaining transparency in how we handle your data. Other Key Policies can also be found here.

Waiting list

Please note: due to the huge interest in joining our different sections our waiting list is VERY LONG. Keep in mind that it could take more than 18+ months for us to be able to invite you to join one of our sections. Therefore, please apply for a place ASAP! 

If you are able to volunteer some of your own time as a member of our adult team then this may decrease the amount of time spent on our waiting list. You might also enjoy the experience yourself.

There may be space available at the nearby 4th Poplar Scout Group which meets at All Saints Church (nr. Chrisp St Market) or you can search for other groups near to you on a map at